Undergraduate Research

IBI faculty are committed to providing informatics research opportunities to University of Pennsylvania undergraduate students. Such experiences can sometimes lead to peer-reviewed publications that play an important role in developing competitive applications for graduate school or medical school. Research can also play an important role in providing the experience necessary for employment as a research assistant, laboratory technician, consultant, or analyst, for example. Contact individual faculty about openings. In many cases, no prior experience is necessary.

IBI Undergraduate Research Experiences

IBI recognizes that the future of informatics lies in part in attracting exceptional, motivated students to the field, and providing them with mentorship and hands-on training. To that end, IBI offers funding to support undergraduate research fellows. We are able to provide $2500 per semester for students working on informatics projects in IBI Senior Fellows’ labs.

To apply for these funds, the faculty mentor should contact Hannah Chervitz, Program Director for IBI, with a formal request and brief description of the project that the student will work on. There is a limit on the number of awards given each semester. In the event that we receive more applications than we are able to support, the IBI Executive Committee will vote on the applications.