Harriet H. Werley Award

Congrats to us!!


Our paper won the Harriet H. Werley Award at the AMIA conference yesterday.  This award honors the paper at the conference that is judged to make the greatest contribution to advancing the field of nursing informatics.


Citation for your records: Bowles, KH., Ratcliffe, SJ, Naylor, MD., Holmes, J., Potashnik, S., Keim, S., Flores, E. (2017). Nurse Generated EHR Data Supports Post-Acute Care Referral Decision Making: Development and Validation of a Two-step Algorithm. American Medical Informatics Association Scientific Symposium Proceedings. Washington, DC. November, 6, 2017.

Winner of the Harriet H. Werley Award for best paper contributing to the advancement of nursing informatics.


Also, Sue Keim made us so proud as her paper won the Best Nursing Informatics Student Paper Award!!

Title: Comparison of algorithm advice for post-acute care referral to usual clinical decision-making: examination of 30-day acute care utilization.